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That sort of thing. However, dedicated Redditors have used information from the show and Q's podcast to limit the possibilities to a very specific area at a very specific time, and deduced that Q dated King of Queens star Leah Remini's half-sister Elizabeth, who was arrested in for felonious cocaine trafficking. Salvatore played football, hockey, and basketball. Since these humorous members are elevating the level of their pranks over time, it is inevitable that the followers will also continue to increase day by day. Once the production gets that footage, they'll go to just about any length to make sure they can use it.

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His birth name was Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano.

Sal Vulcano Gay, Married, Wife, Sister, Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

It is through their exposure that we have come to know the wives and husbands of most of the iconic actors, actresses, and comedians. Despite not revealing his personal life to the world, Sal Vulcano has, however, shown his comic nature. Although it was as a result of the TV show, Impractical jokes, that Vulcano became popular, he has been into other things with his friends. But they never realize they are on the show for some reason. Wiki on Jenna. One of the most memorable punishments in Jokers history involved three of the Jokers getting tattoos determined by Joe Gatto, who was the only winner of that week's challenge.