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No one important, just another nigga flossing Gotta seal, what I'm touching is real You just a clone wit' a production deal I sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the water Sorry I left you, but now I am back for ya But it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouth Hottest niggas out Alot better, the shit's too strong I'm home now, daddy's been gone too long 1 - [Lil' Kim] What you niggas want Wanna talk slick Wanna do shit, try shit, new shit Who you fucking wit' You and your weak clique Bitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shit You coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secret Trying to be niggas you can't even speak with You can't run, you can't hide Bad Boy 'till the day we die Tell they all like Jordan in the fall On top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft' What you grillin' me for? Conferma password Compilare il campo Conferma Password Il campo Password deve avere almento 6 caratteri Le password devono coincidere. This will be your default for searching and browsing, but we'll still show you results for other languages. You think its a game cause you fucked the wrong one Always with God and I don't swing solo Never back down when I gotta throw dolo Wanna see me out, but I just won't go though Pretty young things wanna have my photo One in the room hangin' on the wall In rememberance that I rocked 'em all Got no time for those that think small Grill me in the club cause they can't ball Hate shot callers Hate them ballers Back in control now I call orders It's no fun fleeing under the gun Cause they got me public enemy number one Chorus [Puff Daddy] All you suckers, liars, court testifiers Wanna infiltrate and break my empire I spit lines, hit rhymes Keep dimes sweating Giving them the juice that they're not gettin' A bona fide playa, now who got the flavor A non stop, rhythm rock, poetry sayer I'm the life saver, the New York mayor Before you try me, you better say your prayers My word to the wise is: Accetta solo fotografie non esclusive, destinate a utilizzo su testate e, quindi, libere da diritti. Shit got hot, you sent Feds to my spot Took me to court, tried to take all I got 'Nother intricate plot, the bitch said I raped her "Damn, why she wanna stick me for my paper?

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Blow up spots on bitches because I'm mad Break up affairs lick shots in the air You get vexed, and start swingin everywhere Me shifty?

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The Notorious B. Fake thugs dedication [Puffy] Aiyyo One two, one two One two, one two This one right here Goes out to all the fake thugs out there Yeah, yeah uh huh Yo, when you say you thuggin', it doesn't matter It goes into my mind as just chit-chatter You may say I have a ego, or just merry free But none of that tough talk I take seriously It goes in one ear and right out the other Heard that fake thug shit? Fuck bitches, get money. G] Sick of momma screamin' that "Get a job, nigga" Pressed to the limit, gotta rob me a nigga Simple and plain, my man scooped me in the hoop Whispered in his ear, this is what we gotta do G Got to bang a nigga and bang a nigga good So I could cop a Benz and drive the fuck out the hood Cause baby mama screamin', your daughter twelve months Can't live life slingin' rocks and smokin' blunts Hangin' with the nigga's don't pay the bills And bein' broke at 30 give a nigga the chills So what we gotta do is creep and see a sweet vic Yo, you see that shit? In caso di problemi scrivi a platform rockol. The fame?

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